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    Fiscally Responsible, Socially Compassionate Leadership.
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    College Affordability
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    Protecting Social Security
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    Rebuild and Repair Our Highways
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    Raising The Minimum Wage
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Mark Harris for Congress

Business as usual in Washington just isn't working. The rhetoric and entrenched positions are not serving the citizens the United States or the people of the 6th congressional district in Wisconsin. Mark Harris vows to break that mold. Mark knows that tackling tough issues isn't always easy but by working with all members of congress and by putting people before politics collaborative solutions can be found.

As Winnebago County Executive since 2005 this self-described "fiscally conservative progressive" Mark has balanced the county's budgets, controlled spending, maintained services and reduced the county's debt. Mark also knows that affordable higher education is crucial to upward social mobility, that seniors need and deserve a modest level of income security and the right to live with dignity, that a strong infrastructure is key to our economy and that the guy on the factory floor should not pay more taxes than the factory owner.

It's time to end the gridlock in Washington. It's not about bigger government, it's not about smaller government, it's about better government. Mark Harris for Congress.

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Mark Lowered Spending and Reduced the Debt
While Maintaining Services

As Winnebago County Executive, Mark faced many challenges. The County nursing home was in two old and inefficient buildings, UW Fox Valley sponsored by Winnebago and Outagamie counties had a critical need for additional and improved engineering space and state support for local government was in decline. With hard work, collaboration and a little creativity a new nursing home was built, new engineering space was acquired, and he was able to improve the long-term financial health of the county.

County Budget/Total Spending

  1. Previous Executive - 2005 Budget$151,236,000
  2. Mark Harris - 2014 Budget $145,150,000

Total Debt

  1. As of 12.31.05 $54,625,000
  2. As of 7.1.14$36,934,049*
*Debt fluctuates with principal payments and new bonding.
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Letter: Laning, Harris are best options
Letter: Laning, Harris are best options

Letter: Laning, Harris are best options Over the course of the last few months I have had the pleasure of getting to know State Senate candidate Martha Laning and Congressional candidate Mark Harris. Martha is the type of person we need at the State Capitol. She is someone who understands the concerns of the average […] more

Nov 03, 2014

Wisconsin's 6th Congressional district was created shortly after the census of 1860 and represents over 650,000 constituents in portions of 11 counties. If elected, Mark will be a strong advocate for the 6th by matching the dedication and strong work ethic of the citizens the district represents.